Automotive Components Industry

ASC is an innovative niche supplier of aluminium castings to the local and international automotive industry. ASC is a division of PDC (Pty) Ltd, a privately owned company based in Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa which has been in business since 1952. We are a specialist die caster, who has been in business since 1999, and supply machined aluminium castings and subassemblies to the industry.

We have built our company customer by customer. Our approach is to start from our customer’s need exploring various design options until we identify the best process solution. This approach is valued by our customers who are then confident that the process we design for them will best meet their requirements.

We were the first company in South Africa to introduce the high speed milling of hardened steel for dies (resulting in improved accuracy of die manufacture, speed of production and repeatability of quality).